Fresh vegetables, directly from farmers.

" I buy homeneed vegetables for my family. They are fresh and directly from farmers. "

What make us to stand out :

  1. Consistent Supply : We supply all the major items throughout the year. We ensure all the products are available and you are never short of the products.
  2. Consistent Quality: We maintain predefined quality parameters always. Our products are not cold stored. It is fresh and directly from farmers. We take care of grading and sorting activities with minimal handling. Every item is hygienically transported to our warehouse in crates and never in gunny bags. You can reduce your wastage up to 80%
  3. Consistent Service: We provide early morning delivery to all the retailers. You can save up to 80% on the logistics. There is a returns policy. Our relationship managers will always be in touch to solve any issues.
  4. Consistent Pricing: We supply all the items at a very competitive prices. We bench mark all the prices to the graded product price of local wholesale market and HOPCOMS.